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Reasons You’re NOT Ranking in Google & How To Fix It

Reasons You’re NOT Ranking in Google & How To Fix It

It is one of the most common issues that will happen for everyone, no matter what they do. This is true to say that even the best of the best cannot be maintained standard performance all the time. And there are some cases in which you may not be available in the rankings at all. However, it is one of the serious issues that you need to consider and here are the reasons how you can identify and fix it so as to give the maximum attention to ranking.

If in case Google has not indexed your website

Yes, this is true Google should index your website otherwise it will not be ranked. Suppose you are hosting a new website and if it is not showing in Google then you should consider that it has not been listed on it. You have to know whether it is listed or not by following the procedure given here.

If you can follow the prefix given here, then it becomes easy for you to know whether the website has been indexed or not.  (without the “www.” and “/”)

If suppose the website is listed in the search result then there is nothing to worry about. Which means that your page has been successfully indexed. If in case it does not rank then you have to check how to index your website. If you can simply add your website to the Google search console then it becomes easy for the Google to find your website instantly. Once this process is successfully done then your website will be successfully indexed.

If the site is too slow to load

This may be also one of the biggest reason that impacts ranking. Slow loading will always make the users get frustrated and it seems to be something more disgusting. Even the visitors may lose patience if they continuously keep on focusing websites that do not load quickly. This is the common case with mobile users who would like to get everything instantly. In order to get rid of this issue, you have to test your website speed.

The best tool to do so is to conduct a speed test by using WebCEO’s Page Speed tool. You can easily identify if your website is too slow which is indicated by the red number. Then you have to focus on managing the content so as to get it accessed by Google. In addition to that, you have to check that the mobile website is done with the AMP protocol.

If a penalty is imposed

You should know that there is the vast difference between your website that is penalized or if it is subjected to the penalty. There are some cases in which Google may also impose some formal penalties on your website. Google will take action against you keep it considers that your website is not performing well. In order to get rid of this one has to know the different web penalties applied by Google.

  • If your website is over optimized then this may lead to two formal penalties. To fix this you can make your content simple and make sure that it is not over optimized.
  • If there is unnatural link building then it will revert back to penalties. Make sure that you never purchase or use poor quality of unnatural links.

The keywords are not good enough

If you pick up a wrong keyword then it will show a negative impact on your ranking. Even though it is a small task but you have to keep focusing on it as well. In order to eliminate this, you can simply start working with Web CEO’s Rank Tracking tool. Eventually, you will be motivated to take rich content keywords that are Google friendly.

Thereby your ranking will be improved and you can have long sustainability. However, the keyword position with respect to the search engine should also be known along with the detailed section that shows the links to the page that really boosts the ranking of your page.

The content with low quality

You might not be knowing whether the content is rich in quality or not. To be honest, Google accepts content that is highly qualified and there is a major difference between content which is highly qualified and vice versa. In order to perform well in the search engine results, you should make sure that your content is as good as possible. Apart from quality, a quantity of the content is also important to make sure that it is around 400 to 500 words. This can be overcome by having the regular check on the content without any errors.


  • In order to fix this, you have to consider some tips given here.
  • The content should be engaging and informative.
  • Concentrate on the length of the content and at the same time quality is also important.
  • Keep focusing on the customer’s problem so that it is easy for them to access your page.
  • Know the pulse of the audience and try to provide them as much as you can.
  • Target the main customers by maintaining balance to grab few others as well.


However, you have to understand that there are many reasons that may directly impact on ranking. So if you can focus on particular issues, then it becomes very easy to increase the ranking of your website.

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