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Tips Every Developer Needs to Know About ‘UX’

Tips Every Developer Needs to Know About ‘UX’

UX stands for user experience. It is defined as the process of creating or modifying the products or services that give meaningful and relevant experiences to the user. Best user experience gives a satisfied feeling to the customers. This also includes the brandings, usability, and design of the product or service. When the user uses the product or service for the first time it creates a momentary impression on the minds of the customer and it continues for the long period of time. Perception, motivation, and cognition of the product experience create the user experience and it varies from person to person but almost remains the same. In order to make the UX same for all types of customers, organizations are trying very hard to get all the strata’s of customers under single roof.

Makers or designers are aware of the experience that the customers may seek and they deliberately make the product that considers How, What, and why the product is used. Thus, this creates a meaningful experience for the users who use the product. However, designers or developers make updates to the product that give more customer experience and gain popularity for the product or services. It can also act as a source of reference for the future products and this user experience can be used to set a benchmark for the future endeavors.

Here are the top five tips that every developer needs to know about ‘UX’

  1. UX research

It is a continuous process and needs everyday improvements and feedback from the users. The developers validate the idea of the user and design according to the need of the user. They then build the process and launch it. The user uses the product or service and again asks for the development. Therefore, UX is a continuous process and it needs to be changed for the betterment purpose.

  1. Iterative process of UX design

Research is one area where everyone needs to focus to get better than the past. There is a lot of difference between market research and UX research. The main differences between the market research and UX research are in the former it consists of what people say, will buy and there is a broad insight. However, in the later, it consists of what people do, how people use the product, and there is deep and focused insight. UX research helps the developers to understand what the deep insight of the user is and they can create a more customized experience for the user and improve it.

  1. Prototyping and wire framing

If the developers want to get more UX for the product or service then it needs to be tested before the final launch. Prototyping is one of the best ways to understand the key functions of the design before the developers launch the product. Here they can understand what the product is about and they can add more interesting features that improve the UX for the product. Therefore, the use of prototyping tool is always is the best idea for convincing the people in a much better way.

  1. Coding and analytics

For the best UX,the designers need to be multidisciplinary both in terms of technical and designing fields. Therefore the developers needs to improve the coding skill and make themselves the best the industry. Apart from the coding the developers also need to be good with analytics. They will help you understand how well the design is and will project the performance. The developer needs to understand numbers, ratios, and percentages to estimate the performance of the design. Therefore, applying analytical information to the design will help the developer to understand the design in a better manner as they are shown in numbers.

  1. Communication skills

Suppose the designers have created a very good product but failed to communicate it with the public and it leads to the loss of the energy, money and time. In order to avoid it, the designer needs to think issues related to public speaking and presentations. He needs to know what the user wants and convey the user that user requirements are mentioned in the product or service and finally convince the audiences for going for the product. However, the designer or developer needs to avoid the lag in the communication and create a positive impact on the minds of the customers for going for the product.

Therefore, these are the top five tips that every developer need to know about the user experience and make the users use their future products. User experience is one such tool that makes either a strong or weak impact in the minds of the customers regarding the product or the service. This makes indirect marketing for the organization via word of mouth regarding the product and makes more customers for the organization which in turns gets more customers and hence will bring profits in long run.

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