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Why do we need a responsive web design

Why do we need a responsive web design

At present mobile usage has become one of the latest trends. Most of the web designers are interested in responsive web designing. Before we actually get into the topic you have to know why should a website be responsive and what is the necessity of it. You should know that responsive design has the capability to improve the User experience apart from that it also accommodate everyone so as to get access to it either from your desktop or smartphone. Moreover, the responsive website is very easy to manage. The biggest advantage is that it is capable to operate on mobile devices which makes it the mobile-friendly website that also increases so as to make that your web design is the best and unique. Whatever website you design it needs to be used on a smartphone. The importance of the responsive website is as follows,

  • It has the capacity to increase the customers and clients who use smart devices.
  • One of the best way to experience the increase in the sales and conversions.
  • You need not have to spend a lot of time and cost on such websites.
  • Keeps away from other competitors.
  • You can also consider that the analysis along with the tracking and reporting is done at single place.

Reasons to have a responsive website

It is very much important to have a responsive website so if you are looking for the reasons to have a responsive website then you can find few of them.

  • As mobile users are increasing

This is not a constant growth but you will be constant increase rate at present and will also increase in future. Because the mobile users are increasing day by day so that the web traffic on mobile devices is also growing at a rapid rate. Every month the mobile users are increasing however it leads to more prospect and the customers are visible to view a website from their mobile devices.

  • Social media has the capability to increase mobile digital

More than 55% of social media users are utilizing their mobile devices so as to share information between their friends and family. They are most likely to use social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more. So this will increase the traffic and view of the website from the mobile has become very easy for them as well. If you can implement a social marketing strategy then get a leverage social sharing then you have to definitely make use of the responsive web design.

  • Interesting features

The responsive web design has come up extraordinary features and is the main thing why most of the people have opted for this type of web designs. Some of the responsive web design features include,

  • Easy User experience
  • Low maintenance
  • Increases the business and conversation rate
  • Search Engine Optimisation is easy
  • Less effort if you can use responsive web design
  • It has immense User experience

You will be surprised to know about the different business reasons to implement a responsive website. Even though they are coming up with a goal so as to give the user a better way of viewing. Gone are the days where the experience of zooming and moving side-scrolling in order to enjoy the site which does not fit your mobile screen. However, everyone is looking for the better User experience which is more compatible with a responsive website.   

  • The responsive website is easily suitable for multiple device sizes

This is something more unique and interesting to say that the responsive websites can easily fit your any device no matter what size it is. If you would like your website to look great and support each and every screen size then you have to definitely opt for it. At present, it can accommodate any screen size and in future also it will grab the opportunity to fulfill all the requirements of the rivers. So whatever new device may come into the market the responsive devices are readily available to fit them. Along with that the responsive web design and development will also work in their unique way.

  • Increases the SEO ranking

One of the biggest advantages of responsive web design is that it has the tendency to increase your SEO ranking. And you have to understand that the responsive development is considered as the Google’s recommended task for all the mobile web designs. According to the Google, the responsive websites will have better performance in a search engine because they are very good at providing the User experience. Moreover, the Google likes the responsive websites because they use only single URL.

What is the future of responsive design for mobiles

is available for all such devices. You can also make use of Google mobile-friendly test to find whether your website addresses accurately or not.

You have to know that the Google is interested in the following optimized elements so as to have an effective mobile-friendly User experience.

So if you are not having a clear idea of what’s a responsive website then you can follow the above-given analysis. It will help you to give a clear idea why you should need a responsive website and the importance of it is clearly mentioned. However, you have to make your use of the responsive website so as to increase the functioning of your website.

  • The content is at a readable size without zooming in or zooming out.
  • Link and buttons are easily spaced so that typing is not at all a big issue.
  • The information really fits the screen size of the file without making it scroll horizontally.
  • There is no necessity to use flash.
  • Even the loading time is very less that will help you to get access to enjoy anything.


One of the main reason for this type of websites is that the mobile devices have been occupied its prominent place. And everyone started shifting to more convenient web usage like that of responsive web designs. In addition to that wearable device like that of smartwatches have become quite popular and afforded by everyone. So there is need to make sure that your website

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